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Transforming Your House Room by Room: The Bathroom

With the state of the current economic climate, the housing market is incredibly expensive to navigate, with house prices at a record high and mortgage rates soaring. As such, buying your dream home has become unattainable for many. Thankfully, there is a much more affordable option - transforming your existing home to make it your dream home.

In this short guide, we’ll be focusing on the bathroom, looking at what you can do to transform it into a space that not only suits your personality but that you actively enjoy being in. Read on below to be inspired!

Consider Your Practical Needs

First and foremost, bathrooms are a practical space. Of course, all rooms in your home serve a functional purpose, but your bathroom especially so. Consider how you currently use your bathroom; for example, do you use it to get ready in the morning or to relax and unwind in the evening? Is it used by only you, or is it shared with the whole family?

Once you identify your main requirements from your bathroom, you can tailor its design to effectively accommodate these in a way that is convenient and logical. For example, you could:

  • Incorporate feature lighting to create an ambient mood

  • Install a larger window for more natural light and use light paint to create a spacious feel

  • Invest in a larger bathtub

  • Create a storage unit to be integrated with your sink

Create a Relaxing Environment

Now that you’ve thought of the practical ways you can adapt your bathroom, next consider the ways you can make it into a relaxing space. With the stresses of everyday life, having a private and calming space to come home to is one you’re sure to appreciate.

From design aspects to smaller accents, there are numerous ways you can create your very-own spa environment at home in your bathroom. Here are just some of the ideas how:

  • Painting your walls calming colours

  • Hanging fresh eucalyptus in the shower

  • Organising bathroom items with open shelving

  • Decorating with potted plants

  • Buying a wooden tray for your bath

Envision Your Ideal Aesthetic

Lastly, and just as crucial, is to think about your ideal aesthetic. There’s no point creating your ideal bathroom if you don’t incorporate your personal design preferences!

A great tip is to create a mood board on Pinterest with different features, styles and accents you’d like to recreate in your own bathroom. This could be anything from a specific style of tub or shower head, to certain bathroom tiles, a specific style of mirror or a colour palette that speaks to you.

Building Maintenance Services

So, are you feeling inspired to transform your home and create your ideal bathroom? We can help here at Leeper & Deighton.

Based in north Yorkshire, our team of professional bathroom designers can help you to create a stylish bathroom that meets all of your practical and aesthetic requirements. As building contractors, we don’t only offer fitted bathroom services, but our services extend to include home extensions, driveway installations and more.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.

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