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Five Popular Driveway Design Ideas That Will Suit Your Home

A driveway is an essential part of any home. It often forms a large part of the first impression of your property, defining its aesthetic appeal, accessibility, and practicality. Driveway installations can vary in design and style, with a range of shapes, colours, and materials available for a homeowner. So, whether you’re looking for a driveway paving service or are interested in a stylish driveway installation, this blog will explore some driveway design ideas that might be of use to you and your property.


An increasingly popular driveway design option, resin-bonded driveway installations offer a variety of colour choices and visual versatility. For us stuck in the rain-addled UK, resin-bound driveways are valuable in being water permeable, preventing large puddles of flooding on your driveway or in your home.

Indian Stone

Indian stone driveway designs make for a visually-striking sandstone look and feel, providing a certain grandeur and classiness to your property. This driveway installation type has a range of patterns and colours available, forming Mondrianesque geometric blocks that make for a stylish and functional effect.

Block Paving

Block driveway paving, such as slabs or smaller concrete blocks, is another popular driveway installation choice. Block driveway paving provides a visually intricate and detailed effect on your property, and necessitates precise installation from driveway installation specialists.

Stone and Gravel

For those seeking an affordable driveway design solution, stone and gravel driveway installations make for one of the more cost-effective options available. Providing your driveway with a natural, textural effect that is satisfying to tread on, this driveway design will require maintenance over time. However, it is a stylish solution that even has safety benefits, being loud when driven or walked over, deterring burglars and ensuring that you know when someone enters your driveway.


Tarmac driveway paving makes for a smooth, durable, and cost-effective driveway installation option. Versatile and suitable for a range of property types, tarmac driveway paving can be effective whether your property is limited in space or if your home has a surplus of it. As with the other driveway design options, tarmac driveway installation can add good value to your property, beyond its practical and aesthetic benefits.

The Value Of A Driveway Installation

A new driveway paving installation can improve the visual appearance of your property and its outdoor space, whilst allowing for increased practicality with additional parking space.

If these benefits of driveway installation are of interest to you, Leeper & Deighton can help. We have over forty years of experience in the construction sector, becoming driveway paving experts in the process. We supply a range of materials and styles to best fit the look of your property, with a build quality that will last for years to come.

Get in touch with us today for your dream driveway installation.

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