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How To Ensure Your Home Extension Blends In Perfectly

Updated: Jul 2

A home extension is a great way to transform your property without the stress of having to move. Whether you’d like to make more space for a growing family or if you’re looking to build a home office, an extension can help to make your life more comfortable.

Though it is tempting to merely consider how your extension will look on the inside, it is vital to think about the exterior of your property as well. It can be appealing to have your extension stand out in some way - for instance with statement windows to let the light in. But for the most part, some cohesion with the existing build is essential.

Read on to find out more about matching your new build with your current property, with a look at some of the key architectural features that can be utilised to create a seamless transition.


When planning a home extension, it is easy to overlook the part that landscaping will play in the finished design. Your garden, patio or driveway can help to make your extension look like it’s always been there, where deliberate planting and sculpting will help to blend the new section into the old.

Architectural Details

Small architectural details can also help to make your extension look like a natural part of the house. Carefully chosen window frames, corner posts and drainage systems can all help your extension to look like it belongs, where you should try to use detailing from the same time period as the original property.


Your roof is the piece of the puzzle that will bring everything together, so it is essential that it is designed and installed with care. An extension should feature roofing that is cohesive with the existing property, where tiles and bricks can be manufactured to match older materials from the current house.

Colour Palette

When planning an extension, it may be helpful to think about the overall colour palette of your property and how this new section will fit in. You may wish to choose materials that are an exact colour match to the original build, or you could consider complementary colours that will allow the extension to stand out.

Leeper & Deighton: Professional Building Contractors You Can Trust

At Leeper & Deighton, we can provide you with your dream property extension, whether you’d like a seamless addition to your home or a new build that will stand out. Beyond this, we can also help you to remodel your patio, driveway or kitchen. Simply get in touch with our helpful team today to find out more about our full range of building and home extension services.

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