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Great Uses For Your New Extension

For most of us, having a little extra space is a wonderful thing. Having enough room under one roof for everyone and their needs or interests can be pretty tricky. The Covid-19 pandemic made us appreciate more than ever the good utilisation of space.


Adding an extension to your home is a great way to free up space and provide extra room for people’s needs or interests. If you have an unused space, such as a neglected patio for example, this could become a whole extra room for your house that would doubtless be much more appreciated. Not to mention add value to your property!


We’ve come up with just a few great uses for a new extension that could greatly improve your home life.

Dining Area

For a lot of homes, dining and living rooms become one. In a constant need for more room, whether it’s a growing family, rooms converted for lodging, or simply not enough space to begin with, many of us just don’t have the space for separate dining and living rooms.


With an extension, you can make a dining area fit for your purposes. Extensions can be made bright and airy, with many windows, providing a spacious social environment for dinner parties. No more cramming around coffee tables or TV distractions during meal times!

Home Gym

If dining isn’t so important to you, or you already have dining space, another option could be a home gym. Having a home gym means you can get your workouts in at any time, with no monthly gym memberships to pay, and no easy excuses.


With a home gym right there, you don’t have to motivate yourself out of the house on rainy mornings or cold evenings. And with the money you save not paying a monthly membership, over time you can buy all your own preferred gym equipment for keeps.


If you already have gym equipment, you could keep it all in one place and out of other living areas in the house. Plus, you can expand on what you have.

Studio or Office

Another thing many of us lack is space to work or spend time on our hobbies/creative pursuits. A home office or studio can seem like a luxury but with a simple home extension could easily be a reality!


Working from a living room or bedroom is simply less conducive to a strong work ethic. These endeavours require their own space for fewer distractions, or conversely to stay out of the way of others. If you live with other people they may not appreciate piles of paper, crafting odours, or messy splats of paint in communal areas. It’s better for both worlds if each has its own space.

Leeper & Deighton Home Extensions

If you’re interested in getting a home extension, get in touch with Leeper & Deighton today. With decades of experience building everything from extensions to entire new homes, our family-run construction company offers a range of building services throughout North Yorkshire. Whether you’re in need of some building maintenance or a whole new construction, we’re happy to help.

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