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An Ultimate Guide To New Home Construction

If you want to design your own home to your exact specifications, new home construction is a great way to make your dreams a reality. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or you are buying your third home, there’s no better time to get precisely what you want. House construction companies are able to work with you from start to finish to help you construct a quality home within your budget. There are many advantages to new home construction, making it a great option for many buyers.


We’ve put together this guide to help you learn more about new home construction and why it may be right for you.

What Is New Home Construction?

A new build home is a home that has never before been lived in, making it a blank canvas to do with it as you please. New home construction allows you to have a say in how the home is constructed, the design, materials and much more. This allows you to create the perfect home. Many homes that people buy have already had many families live in previously, meaning it requires a lot more work to make it your own. Sometimes you can find homes that already look how you would like them to, but choosing new home construction means it is completely yours and you can adapt it to your requirements.

Research Developments

There are two ways you can buy a new build home. Either buying off-plan or buying a completed property. Off-plan homes haven’t yet been completed and can still receive input on how they are finished. You will usually be shown around a show home that is similar to the one you will buy. You need to research the development you are buying from and make sure it is the right one.

Pay A Reservation Fee To Secure The Property

When you buy a new build property, you’ll need to pay a reservation fee, unlike older properties. This is paid once you have agreed on a price with your developer - usually around £1,000. This means the developer will take the property off the market and stop viewing from other potential buyers.

Organise Your Mortgage

After you have agreed on your purchase price and paid your reservation fee, you’ll have to finalise your mortgage and choose a solicitor or conveyancer. When buying off plan, you’ll need to bear in mind how long your mortgage offer is valid. Usually, mortgage offers last between three and six months, so if the building is not likely to be completed within that time frame, you might need to reapply with your lender. It’s a good idea to choose a solicitor or conveyancer who has extensive new-build conveyancing experience. New build developers like to exchange contacts and complete very fast, which can lead to some stress. However, choosing a new build conveyancer to represent your interests, it can alleviate any pressure.

Pre-Move Survey

Just like any home move, you’ll want to complete a survey of the home. As your move-in date approaches, it’s a good idea to have a snagging survey carried out of your new build home. This will help to highlight any defects or issues which you can straighten out before you move in. Even after you move in you can conduct more snagging to help protect you should your developer fail to solve any issues. Your new build will have a warranty to deal with any of these issues.


Once all paperwork is complete and the house construction is done, the purchase can be completed. Your conveyancer will exchange contracts and agree on a move-in date with the developer’s solicitor. On your move-in date, your developer will hand over the keys once your solicitor has completed all legalities. Your new home is all yours and you are ready to enjoy a brand new house.

Benefits Of New Home Construction

There are many things that make new home construction worthwhile.

Design The Home To Your Specification

The new build home construction will be open to ideas and interpretation. Developers can choose exactly how they want to build their homes and buyers can have a say on what design and specification they want. New build developments usually have a range of properties so you can pick the right one for you and your family.

Construct Within Your Budget

New build homes can be built to fit within a certain budget, there are many different designs and materials and developers can usually find an option that suits your budget. This means you don’t need to worry about buying a home above its value and developers will sell the house for what it's worth.

Quality Building

A new home construction is ready to move into without the need for renovation. It is also a high quality build meaning you’ll have to invest less money than you would an old property. All appliances and features in the new build house will be brand new meaning they will last longer. Whereas buying an old home may mean you have to buy a new boiler or replace the kitchen.

Work Directly With House Construction Companies And Developers

New home construction means you are able to communicate directly with the people who are building your home. This means you can watch the construction as it happens and raise any issues or concerns you may have about the property. This can give you more peace of mind and allow you to feel at ease with the property you are buying.

Be A Part Of A New Estate Or Development

Buying a new build home means you can live in a brand new development with a whole new community. As everyone is new to the area and usually consists of younger families, it’s a great start to your new property and can allow you to make new friends for life.

Energy Efficient

New build homes are constructed to the latest energy efficiency standards meaning your new home will be highly energy efficient. This will help you save a lot of energy and your bills will be significantly lower than that of an older property. Your home should have an A or B Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating and should cost you less to run.

No Chain

Another great advantage of new build homes is that there are no chains, as a first-time buyer this is perfect. It means you aren’t reliant on any other buyers to complete your purchase and you can move in as soon as it’s ready. Your home will also have much less chance of it falling through.

Things To Consider

While new build homes are a great choice for many people, there are still a few things to keep in mind when deciding what property to buy. Firstly, price premiums may impact your sale of the house in the future. While a new build is worth a lot of money at first, if you sell within the first few years, you could lose money. Furthermore, new builds tend to lack space in comparison with older properties. Bedrooms can be smaller and outdoor space costs a premium. If you can find the right new build for your family, with the right amount of space, then a new build will be perfect.


Snagging is also something you should take into consideration as some developers have been criticised for the quality of their finish and after sales service when dealing with defects. You just need to make sure you’re choosing a reliable developer that you can trust. You also need to be aware that off-plan homes can be hit with delays which can have a massive impact on your sale if you need to move out of your existing property by a certain date or if your mortgage offer is going to expire.

Leeper & Deighton Ltd - New Build Builders

If you’re looking for quality house construction and building maintenance, look no further than Leeper & Deighton Ltd. We’re a team of expert builders, here to assist you with your new build home construction. We aim to make the process simple and easy so that buyers and developers can rely on us. If you’re interested in learning more about our house construction and how we can assist your project, get in touch with our team today.

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