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4 Unique Home Extension Tips that Add Valuable Space

Updated: Jul 2

Considering a property extension is an exciting prospect. You can finally have a say in how you want your home to look and add valuable space exactly the way you want to. Home extensions require a lot of careful consideration due to the cost, time and energy it requires to add one. However, if you’ve chosen the right home extension company. It will be easy to bring your home to life with a property extension.

Here are some unique ideas for your home extension.

Glass link extensions

Glass link extensions are a beautiful way to connect two already existing structures. If you already have an outbuilding or garage, you can connect this to the main building using a glass link extension. Not only will you be able to add valuable space using the garage or outbuilding, but you will also be able to enjoy extra living space from the link extension.

Small extensions can make a difference

A home extension doesn’t have to be huge and double the square footage of your existing home. You can still benefit greatly from a smaller home extension. If you have an older property, you may greatly benefit from simply adding more light into the rooms through a dormer window or skylight. Sometimes, the simpler, the better.

Reconfigure existing spaces

When building a property extension, homeowners often only think about the new space they are adding and not how the old space can complement this. When you are adding a home extension you will be completely changing the dynamic of the entire home. Make sure to spend some time considering how the existing spaces will be affected and how you can change them around to complement the newly added space.

Double-storey extensions make more sense

If you are worried about the cost of a double-storey extension because you believe it will be twice the price, it will be more cost-effective to opt for a two-storey extension because the most expensive parts are the foundations and the roof. Therefore it makes more sense to choose a double-storey extension to achieve more space for less money.

Are you looking for a trusted home extension company? Look no further than Leeper & Deighton. We have years of experience in property extensions and will be happy to provide you with the help you need to achieve your dream home extension. Get in touch today.

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